​About us

MJP🌸B2B is exporting “Made in Japan Products” to foreign countries especially Asia. By connecting Japanese suppliers to foreign buyers, we are giving a new opportunity to both sides using our Social network advertising and Sales skills. We hold traditional japanese toys, accessories, leather products and daily commodity with full responsibility. Traditional goods and luxury products are the main and sales pattern is wholesale. Tell us what you need and we are happy to be at your service.

​MJP B2B view while having a business meeting

First the organization was established on November, 19th 2018 by Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki(23).It is located on Soka city, Saitama prefecture, Japan. Nadir has started this business after graduating the university on 2018. He started to seek on middle companies in Soka, Asakusa, Nihhonbashi and Kapabashi where there are numerous Japanese traditional products. Gathering the suppliers who want to open a new market abroad, we are helping them out by social network advertising and sales.

business model of MJP🌸B2B

Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki CEO of MJP🌸B2B, was bored in Japan and raised in Pakistan. Since his parents were active entrepreneurs, he had an exciting childhood experience there. Enrolling to Dokkyo university in Japan, his major was South East Asia business. After graduating, he decided to become an entrepreneur. MJP🌸B2B is a service which every one could connect with Japanese suppliers specialized in Traditional and Luxury goods.

Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki MJP B2B CEO
MJP🌸B2B official members

□Company name: Made in Japan Products🌸B2B

□Establishment: November, 19th 2018

□CEO: Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki

□Members: 5

□Industry: Social Network Advertising, wholesale,exporting

□Location: 1-6-4 K3 Senbamachi, Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

​Basic information

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